Thanks to all my friends who help me to find my Inner self: Adriana Urra, Alvaro Dominguez, Alex Gonzalez, Alex March, Aleix Lolo, Albert Tercero, Albert Font, Anna Berbiela, Asier Belloso, Albert Porta, Borja Alegre, Berta Mir, Anna Riu, Carlos Bermúdez, Carme Xercavins, Dalmau Oliveras, David Galar, Emma Casasús, Eren Saracevic, Edu Costa, Felipe Franco, Kiwi Bravo, Gerard Mallandrich, Joan Hurtado, Javier Arizu, Javier Jaen, Jose Hortelano, Josep Pla-Narbona, Laia Marín, Laura Soler, Marçal Vaquer, Manel Casasús, Marti Pires, Nicolas Ortega, Tom Gerard, Rai Botei, Simón Sepúlveda, Tiago Campea.

After working more than 8 years in different award-winning design studios, ad agencies and founding the studio Pràctica, I’ve decided to expand my work beyond the field of design. Among the skills I’ve picked up along the way, one stands clearly out: thinking.

Thinking is the way of finding suitable directions for each project. Whether it is for an editorial illustration, for art direction or even architecture. Anything.

I think, beyond any media or format, to find the heart of each idea and make it resonate. I think, mostly, to have fun. With the gained confidence that any quality of work comes through skill and, importantly, through joy. In the end, “life is serious but art is fun”.

For any enquiries, commissions or collaborations, please get in touch, or check my Instagram


ADG-FAD Laus (2019)
Type Directors Club (2018)
ADG-FAD Laus (2018)
Art Directors Club of Europe (2018)
ADG-FAD Laus (2017)
Art Directors Club of Europe (2017)
D&AD Wood Pencil Award (2016)
ADG-FAD Laus (2015)
ADG-FAD Laus (2013)
Brand New Award (2013)

Freelance (2018– Currently)
Co-founder of Pràctica (2018–2019)

Domestic Data Streamers (2017–2018)
SCPF (2015–2017)
Mucho (2012–2015)

EINA Art Direction (2018–2022)
IDEP Workshop (2018-2020)

Elisava Workshop (2018)
Massana Workshop (2017)

Worked with:
The New York Times
The Washington Post
The Economist
Financial Times
Wall Street Journal
The Guardian
Mother Jones
Die Zeit

Eye Magazine
It’s Nice That
Creative Review
Fast Company Design
Metal Magazine
Brand New
AIGA Eye on Design