Medicos del Mundo España asked @asierbelloso and me to create three posters
to prevent Malaria, promote hand hygiene, and the use of mosquito net, for the Lovua’s
refugee camp, Angola, that houses more than 30.000 Congolese. Political violence and
government repression continue today due to the Congolese mineral resources and
ethnic conflicts.The Congolese government intimidates the political opposition,
pro-democracy activists, journalists, and peaceful protesters. The humanitarian
situation in Congo has severely worsened, with the country facing Africa’s largest
displacement crisis in 2017, affecting 7.7 million Congolese. Every little step matters,
so we are pleased to contribute to a better future for Congolese refugees.

Art Direction Guillem Casasús
Ilustration Asier Belloso
Text in collaboration with Adriana Diaz